Service Policy

Warranty Object

Blackview Mobile phone

Free replacement within one month

1. Please provide the platform, shop name, and order number if you need a replacement

2 . if the product is non-artificially damaged, it can be replaced free in One month after receiving the goods from the date of sale.

One year warranty

1. Please provide the platform, shop name, order number, and all three of which are required for warranty.

2. The starting date of the product warranty is the day of sale. If the last day of the warranty period is a legal holiday, the next day of the holiday is the last day of the validity period.

3.The warranty start date is extended by 90 days from the factory date displayed on the mainframe SN number.If the consumer loses the order number or product warranty card, and cannot provide valid evidence such as an order invoice or order voucher. please provide the IMEI number as tracking to confirm whether the product is within the warranty period.

The following conditions are not covered by the free warranty replacement

1. Damages as transportation, loading and unloading during the process of return, exchange and repair.

2.The modification, disassembly, repair without the official authorization of Blackview.

3. The damage by Unexpected factors or man-made actions to the product. Such as: water (intentionally dropped into the water, or used outside the standard range), damage (intentionally dropped and used outside the standard range), improper input voltage, excessive compression, deformation of the motherboard, etc. For the power adapter, if there are obvious hard object damage, cracks, broken feet, severe deformation, power cord damage, disconnection, bare cores, etc.

4.Damage to the product caused by failure to install, use, maintain, or store in accordance with the instruction manual. Such as: after entering the water, you need to use a hair dryer to dry as soon as possible, and use it when it is not dry.

5. The warranty certificate does not match the product model or the warranty certificate is not provided.

6. The product nameplate, SN bar code, tamper-evident label are been damaged.

7. The warranty period has been exceeded.

8. Damage and destroy caused by unresistible factors (such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc.).

Return and Exchange and Repair Service Guidelines

1.Please check whether the following contents are ready before returning or sending for repair:
⑴:Please provide the platform, shop name, order number, which are indispensable if you need a warranty.
⑵:device, complete accessories
⑶:complete package

2.Before sending for repair, please back up your personal data in advance. During the repair process, your personal data may be lost. Blackview will protect your personal privacy, but it is not responsible for personal data damage or loss during the repair process.

3. When sending in for repair, the product must go through Blackview professional inspection. After confirming the fault, Blackview will determine the corresponding repair plan. For products during the free warranty period, Blackview to replace, repair or other ways to provide you with the warranty service promised as mentioned; if the replacement, the damaged parts are owned by Blackview; Non-Defective products will be returned as is.

4. If the maintenance cost is charged as the product does not match the warranty conditions, the professional inspection by Blackview will collect the maintenance fee from the consumer and provide a maintenance report.

5. The cost of returning the goods for repair within one year shall be paid by the customer. For repairing devices that have been insured for more than one year, the freight, repair costs and material costs of returning and sending are all charged by the customer. If the buyer damage devices, he will not be eligible for free repair. However, the customer can return the product at his own expense and pay the repair cost.