Blackview R7, the Flagship Product in 2016

Blackview has been aiming to provide customers with a high-end and cost-effective smartphones. In early 2016,we’ll cooperate with Media Tek to launch new flagship model, R7.

With eight A53 processors, R7 adopts Helio P10 (MT6755) as chipset, in which case Octa-core 64 bit Cortex-A53 processor of 2GHz main frequency, and a dual-core 64 bit Mali-T860 graphics processor of 700MHz main frequency, R7 making download rate increases to 300Mbps.

R7 also has excellent multimedia capabilities. Besides advanced display technology, wonderful camera functionand perfect HiFi sound effect with great image sensor, noise reduction design, and intelligent color engine and so on are also available.

Equipped with a 5.5 inch 1920*1080HD 2.5D Arc screen, MT6755 chipset supports the highest   21.0MP pixels camera and the 1080P LCD at the same time.

MT6755 Chip in R7 can support 21MPpixel as the highest. 13.0MP rear camera and 5.0MP front camera is achieved. The front camera uses OV5648 chip, making shooting more clearly. And  Samsung's 3M2 chip is used for the rear camera. The shortest focus time can be just 0.3 seconds, which is twice faster than some main brand mobile phones.

Chip of this kind is very hot in Samsung 13M field. The perfect SWDR technology (smart wide dynamic range) gives R7 the best back lighted shooting function in smartphone industry. Meanwhile,Great SNR (signal to noise ratio) increase helps R7 also to get the greatest nightshot effect in nowadays smartphone field.

MT6755 low-power consumption sensor will reduce the power consumption by 30%, making 1080P and 30 frame video playing more smoothly and last long time.

3500 mAh Polymer Li-ion Battery is used for R7. It can smartly control the current and prevent over heating during charging.


9V 2.5A Fast charge technology,makes charging faster and safe. 5 minutes charging could 

support 90 minutes talking.


4GB RAM plus 32GB ROM, extension to 128GB, Octa-core. Larger memory, more lovely things can be saved.

Whole metal indie frame comes from 169 processes, including 8 times precise CNC machining, Micron-sized sand blasting, vacuum-coating paint and nano anti-fingerprint technology, makes each indie metal frame looks like a work of art.


360° touch type fast fingerprinting recognizing system is also equipped in R7. No need to keep the screen on duty, just gently touch screen with finger tip can immediately unlock the Phon within 0.4 seconds.


The latest "Marshmallow" Android 6 system is also adopted. R7 will be the first one to use this new system in smartphone industry. The whole new system remains flat Material Design style. User experience and software performance will be optimized with this new system. And Android 6.0 system can prolong R7 Standby time by 30%.