Frequently Asked Questions
1、Q: Can't boot?
      A: Battery might drained or with low voltage, please recharge for at least 10 minutes or long press the power key for second, then full charge it.

2、Q: Battery or cell phone body overheat?
      A: When operation multi-application at the same time or big game, the CPU operates at high speed and emits heat.

3、Q: How to solve it if phone battery dies fast?
      A: Firstly, please check the Bluetooth is on when it's not used.If not, please turn it off.Secondly,press Menu>Settings>Applications>Running services, you can see all the applications are being opened, turn off the unnecessary applications.

4、Q: How to choose SIM card 1 or SIM card 2 to send messages?
      A: Click“Setting”—“SIM card management”—“information”,then choose“always ask”.Once you finish the above steps,your cell phone will pop out the hint message when sending messages now.

5、Q: Connect my phone to the computer already,why the phone cannot be recognized?
      A: a) Click the notifications,see whether the USEB storage mode is turned on.
          b) Please check whether your computer has installed the USB driver.If not,please download and install it at first.
          c) The computer system version is too low.Please try Windows XP or else.
          d) The computer USB port problem, please change into USB cable.

6、Q: Why the ROM capacity is less than the specification.
      A: Hardware manufactures use 1000B as 1G,but software vendor use the 1024B as 1G,so the real 4G ROM will less than 4GB. Besides,the recovery and cache will also occupy the ROM,that's why it shows nearly 3G.

7、Q: Why there is black screen when calling?
      A: Normally, the phone will automatically turn off the screen (save power and reduce radiation ) when close to face. But if it cannot turn on again, please check whether the light sensor surface is clean or not.The screen protector with low transparent ability will affect the judgment of the light sensor.

8、Q: How to solve it if the phone or SD card storage is not enough when download the application?
      A: The default install space is phone storage.When the phone storage is full,please uninstall the unnecessary application.Or you can choose the SD card as your install space, not the phone.