Blackview is going to set up a flash sale for Alife P1 Pro

In order to express appreciation for the fondness of Blackview fans’, we decide to set up a limited  flash sale event of the latest model of Blackview, Alife P1 Pro, at a special low price $99.99. The event details are as follows.

1.      Reservation starts at 08:00 AM (GMT) Saturday, August 1st;

2.      Blackview plans to offer 10,000 sets of Alife P1 Pro in total for over 30 main online retailers over the world;

3.      1,000 chances to get Alife P1 Pro at only $99.99 per week;

Let’s meet up at 08:00AM (GMT) August 1st, Blackview wish you will be the luckiest person!


Blackview reserves all the explanation rights for the event.

Jul. 24th, 2015