Blackview Amazon biggest discounts on Black Friday

When it comes to your online shopping, you want the hottest products at the lowest prices. Black Friday is the perfect time of year to buy a new phone, the perfect time for the biggest discounts. All of the best prices on the best phones appear on Blackview Amazon, keep your eyes on it.

Blackview’s Black Friday starts on Nov. 21 and 22 for 24 hours for limited quantity, the discount can be as high as 30%. Discounts will be offered on Blackview Amazon UK, ES and FR. See the items’ discounts below:

Amazon UK(Nov. 21):

BV6000s--30% off:

BV7000--30% off:

BV7000 Pro & BV8000 Pro--25% off:

Amazon ES(Nov. 21):

BV6000s--30% off:

Amazon FR(Nov. 22):

BV7000 Pro & BV8000 Pro--25% off:

Please kindly note that these deals are only available for a limited time and a limited quantity so it’s important to be prepared and prioritise your shopping time accordingly. 

So mark your calendar and check out the store websites for more information about the sales.

On Nov. 24, the Black Friday, each Blackview Amazon Store will have much more bigger discounts for more Blackview phones. You can’t miss it.

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